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Hey, I'm in the US!

So I finally left Europe this morning, flying out of London to Atlanta where I currently am for a few hours until I continue on to Santiago, Chile. I have no idea what I'm going to do down there (I don't know anyone in the area), but it seems like a fun place to visit since I've never been to South America! I'll be there for 5 days or so, then finally back to Boston...where I'll spend the night and then leave again in the morning. :) (Gotta head out to Toledo to visit Jason and Heather since the last weekend in October is the last weekend Cedar Point is open for the year!)

Anyways...let's see, what have I done in the past month? Well, to be brief, I went to Munich for Oktoberfest (which, of course, is mostly in September) which was a lot of fun. Met up with my friend Phil (who speaks some German, which helps since I don't) who was visiting Germany when I went over there. The beer tents are tons of fun too, since you end up sitting at huge tables with other random groups of friendly people...all with giant 1L mugs of beer! The temporary grounds they erect complete with the massive tents, a rollercoaster, and other stuff are insane for something that goes up and comes down every year. Definitely will have to go back at some point.

Headed up to Stockholm after that to visit a few friends up there and see the city. Stockholm is quite cool because it's basically a giant archipelago with bridges between the islands, which I didn't realize. One of my friends took me on a tour around a bunch of the islands one day. In the middle of winter the days are all of 6 hours long since Stockholm is so far north!

After that, it was off to Amsterdam. I think Amsterdam may be my favorite city to wander around on foot in Europe. Part of that is the lack of traffic—there are quite a few more bikes than cars in the city. Plenty of trams and other public transit as well. It's quite nice walking around with all the canals running through the city as well. Not to mention the typical laid-back Dutch attitude.

Spent some more time back in London as well visiting various friends and relatives, since I'd been going back and forth from London to elsewhere in Europe. Anyways, that's the past month in a nutshell; I'll write something more interesting later. But now, it's off to Chile! I think I'll be back to Boston for some time around Nov 7 or 8 or so; after Toledo I'm going down to Indianapolis for a friend's birthday, but then it's finally back home to stay (for now.)