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Mmm, scorpions

So my short visit to India was fairly mundane; only had a few days there, so I took care of the business I needed to do there and visited some relatives in my free time.

Headed up to London after that, where I've been since. Ethan, John Arresty, and Kate came over for the Great British Beer Festival, which ran from Tuesday - Saturday, so we went to various sessions of that. Went around to random London sites in the meanwhile; I've been a bit lazy since my friends have been going to a few places that I'd been to just last year. Had fun exploring the British Museum today, though (at least a very small part of it; I plan to go back to see the rest.) Last night we managed to see a hilarious standup comedy show. Good cuisine has been quite the highlight here! Between good pub good, tasty restaurants, gastropubs, and the like, I certainly haven't gone hungry.

Tonight was perhaps the most eclectic dining experience of my life. Well, there wasn't any foam, but the oddness certainly kept it up there! Went out to Archipelago with Ethan and John as it came highly recommended. For starters we had peacock, crocodile, and tom yum soup with 24 karat gold-plated quail eggs. After a palate cleanser of some very strange, interesting ices, we moved on the main courses: wildebeest (gnu! these didn't seem very open source though), wok-fried frog legs, and kangaroo. Had a nice side salad with crickets and locusts to go with it. Dessert was some strange sorbets, cheese, and my personal favorite—chocolate-covered scorpion! Mmm. Topping it off was a visit from The Doctor; of his many remedies I chose the absinthe in a bottle bottomed off with a baby boa constrictor. And one of those fun pills that turned into an elephant after dunking into a bowl of hot water!

Anyways, off to Glasgow tomorrow with Ethan, John, and Kate. We shall indeed find Nessie.