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I'm still alive!

Yeah, I'm still around, being lazy with my blog and pictures. Pictures at least I'm finally working on; I burned my pending pics onto DVDs (it took 5 dual layer DVDs, aka 40GB) so I can finish importing them into iPhoto. Etc etc, but they'll show up sometime! Oh, and I disabled blog comments since 95% of it is messages from spambots. Karthik at karthik.com, if you want to email me instead.

So let's see... I got back from India about a month and a half ago, spent about 3 weeks in NYC, and I've been in Boston for a couple weeks now. And I'm going back to NYC tomorrow for a couple days to visit.

Excitingly (to me!), I finally ticketed my initial round-the-world itinerary. 220,000 miles to do it in Business Class on Delta + $200 - $300 in taxes to be levied (for what'd be a ~$15k ticket otherwise!) Up to 6 stopovers (and a surface sector, say, landing in London, taking the train on my own, and leaving from Paris, only counts as 1 stop; so I could travel all around Europe on cheap flights/trains on that single stop), so that's a great deal! Consider that just flying US-Australia in Business is 150k miles, so 70k more for the extra 5 stops is rather cheap. 51703 flight miles total! Too bad I don't earn any miles since this is an award ticket, but thankfully all of that is in Business or First.

So I now have a pending BOS-LAX-ICN-AKL/SYD-ICN-NRT-ICN-KUL-ICN-SVO-CDG-BLR-CDG-FRA/LHR-AMS-AUA-BOG-JFK-BOS ticket! The ticket is apparently so long (common with RTWs) that I have to go to the airport to get it ticketed and they have to write it out BY HAND since it's too long for the computer to print or for them to e-ticket it.

Oh yeah, all the confusing airport codes; so I'll tentatively be in:
Los Angeles: May 8 - May 9 (due to an overnight layover)
Auckland, NZ: May 11 - May 13
Australia (in and out via Sydney): May 13 - Jun 17
Seoul, South Korea: Jun 17 - Jun 18 (due to an overnight layover)
Japan (in and out via Tokyo): Jun 18 - Jun 22
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Jun 22 - Jun 28
Moscow: Jun 28 - Jun 29 (due to an overnight layover)
India (in and out via Bangalore): Jun 29 - Jul 24
Europe (into Frankfurt, out of London): Jul 24 - Sep 26
Aruba: Sep 26 - Sep 30
— and then back to Boston.

...everything past getting to Australia is tentative though. I'll definitely be adding/changing cities and dates at least a couple times before I'm through.

If you want to see how funny that looks on the world map, see the Great Circle Mapper. I transit through Seoul (ICN) 4 times! And to get from Kuala Lumpur to Bangalore, I fly via Seoul and Paris, a trip of 13297 miles, even though Kuala Lumpur and Bangalore are only 1788 miles apart!

But yeah, my travel plans for the next months are solidifying, and I AM making progress on my huge backlog of 12000 pictures. And maybe I'll be less lazy and try to blog more often.