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Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, etc

Sun Dec 25 00:00:47 IST 2005

Well, it's officially Christmas over here. This is the first time I've ever spent Christmas away from my family; we always had a nice commercialized Christmas just for the fun of it. I miss the fake tree already (or in recent years a random large plant, but who cares what it is as long as it holds presents under it!) When I was younger I made my parents get a real tree a few times but that got vetoed after a few years of excess pine needles all over. And I miss picking out gifts for my family (I guess if I was really non-lazy I could've ordered stuff online, but that's just not the same as wandering around the mall for a few hours finding cool stuff that I wouldn't have otherwise found.)

I'm going out to dinner tomorrow night (tonight at this point) somewhere nice with some cousins, so that should bring my Indian food tolerance up a bit, and make up for the lack of Christmas somewhat. Maybe somewhere Chinese or the one decent-looking French restaurant; Chennai actually has a decent selection of restaurants. Sadly my Indian food tolerance is dropping even lower. Eating vegetarian Indian food that all tastes the same to me for almost a month is really starting to get to me. Fortunately there are actually a decent number of restaurants around where I'm staying, so I'll probably start going out for my brunch/lunch a few times a week for non-Indian food while I'm in Chennai then eating with my aunt and uncle in the evening. I wish I could get a wide selection of fresh ingredients here, and I'd be happy to cook for my relatives a couple times a week at least. Unfortunately I'm limited to stuff that's designed to make Indian food, not American-type food. (I couldn't even find any pine nuts when I wanted to make an olive tapanade in Coimbatore!)

Anyways, I'm in the middle of planning my trips so I should be out and about the country within the next week or two on various journeys. It'll be a nice break to see somewhere other than far southern India; not that I don't like it here, but considering that I've spent almost all of every trip to India in the southern part I'd really like to spend time exploring elsewhere. Maybe a side trip to Malaysia or Singapore too; airfares to there seem to be quite cheap from here.

And nobody's emailed me a postal address, so none of you get postcards except the few I already have addresses for! And they'll be mean, spiteful postcards for not at least saying hi! Well, assuming I can dig up my meanness and spitefulness; we'll see.

Anyways, enoy the vacation time and whatever religious-affiliated holidays you might have going on. Hopefully next time I boringly blog I'll be somewhere more exotic! (Oh yeah, and I figured out how to proxy my way around the firewalls on the ~$2/mo unlimited GPRS that comes with my prepaid SIM so I can do stuff like check mail even when I'm off somewhere afar. I just had to insert that bit of geekiness to ruin a perfectly good blog entry.)