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Jet lag sucks

So I got to my final destination here about 12 hours ago, after ~30 hrs of travel. It's now 12:30AM local time, and I just woke up a little while ago from a 2 hour nap that turned into 7 hours of sleep instead. Oops. Now I'm even more screwed up on time than I was before! The time difference here is +10.5 hrs from EST btw, aka UTC+5.5 (that extra 0.5 is just to make it extra confusing.)

Now to complain about air travel even more, the Delhi airport SUCKS. I've never been in such a horrid airport. It's unfriendly, run down, confusing, hot, and humid. Northwest actually checked my bags all the way through from Detroit to Coimbatore (including the 2 segments on Jet Airways in India,) but I still had to collect my bags for customs. So I waited and waited at the belt until all the bags were through, and I was still missing a bag. I wandered around a bit and talked to a baggage person, when I noticed my bag sitting next to the belt on the far side of the baggage claim! Apparently whoever took my bag off the belt and realized it wasn't theirs was too rude and/or stupid to put it back ON the belt. And the exact same thing happened the last time I visited India!

Anyways, having to collect bags for customs is fine, except after that I had to transport the bags and myself to the domestic terminal. Which it turns out is like 10 miles away. And hard to get to. There's supposedly shuttle service, but I couldn't find it and nobody seemed to know about it. I was constantly being approached by people trying to get me to come spend my money and stay at their hotel or eat at their restaurant. It's amazing I got out in one piece! I finally took a prepaid cab over to the domestic terminal, which at the equivalent of $5 for a 15 minute trip was apparently the best thing to do. Even after I got in the cab some guy was poking his head in the window trying to get me to come book a hotel room to rest for a few hours. Oh yeah, and the domestic terminal is even worse. And the boarding passes for the Jet Airways flights that Northwest had printed were apparently useless, so I got to check in again at the counter. So much for interline agreements and airlines cooperating.

Anyways, after I had my bags re-scanned and re-checked in, I was actually in for a pleasant surprise. My 2.5 hr flight from Delhi to Chennai, in economy class, offered me a choice of North Indian vegetarian, South Indian vegetarian, or South Indian non-vegetarian. I chose the last option of course. I was quite surprised to get a meal consisting of a very tasty omelet, a roll, potatoes, some sort of sausages (chicken, turkey, or lamb I'm assuming), and some fresh fruit. The food was as good as or better than the meals I had on Northwest DTW-AMS and KLM AMS-DEL! They brought by hot towels beforehand, and the service was excellent in general. So, once you do find your way onto a plane in India, the service is amazing, if you're on the right carrier. There are a whole bunch of upstart LCCs (low cost carriers; think JetBlue or Song) so the market to be the best is fiercly competitive.

Anyways, the first relatives I'm staying with have DSL and wireless (amazing because last time I was here they couldn't even get dialup), so no Internet withdrawal yet. I'll be off to even more remote parts soon though!