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I'm in Boston!

Yup, I took a one day roundtrip to Boston and back from Dallas. And it wasn't for a mileage run! So, Blue Cross sucks and won't cover any vaccinations outside of Massachusetts for me. To get them in Dallas from the public health system there (which is probably "cheap" compared to private doctors) would have run me $350 or so, since I needed Japanese encephalitis, rabies, hepatitis B, and typhoid. To get those in Boston ran me $0 since it was a followup to my first set of vaccinations in Boston. So I had $450 in credit on Delta, and the roundtrip ticket was only $300. Used my credit, flew here for 4 hours, and got my vaccinations.

I even had time to stop in Kendall Square afterwards and have coffee with Matti, Payne, and Pup. They were rather surprised by my sudden unexpected appearance in Boston. :)

Of course, the weather in Atlanta decided to be uncooperative, so my flight got delayed, then canceled. So it looks like I'm going to get back to Dallas at 2AM rather than 11PM (and I have to pack my two large bags still.) Lost my first class upgrades too since the new flights are pretty packed. Oh well.

I'm having dinner with my sister though! There aren't any restaurants outside security unfortunately (other than an Au Bon Pain stand.) So I bought her a refundable ticket to Fort Lauderdale (latest flight I could easily find from Boston.) That gets her through security, and I have a feeling we're going to end up canceling the ticket and getting it refunded. :) I asked the airline folks in the Delta club if that'd work, and the lady was like "well yeah...but I didn't tell you that!" TSA be damned, if I want to have dinner with my sister inside security, I shall have dinner with my sister inside security!

Anyways, time to eat!