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I need sleep

So I'm sitting on a plane at the gate at Dallas. Bound for Toledo, via Memphis, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Detroit (I need the miles.) Last night I was supposed to get back from Boston to Dallas around 11PM. Except the weather in Atlanta sucked. So my BOS-ATL flight got delayed. Then it got cancelled. Then my new flight arrived in Atlanta 10 minutes after my (also delayed) original connecting flight to Dallas left. So I had to wait for the "10:45PM" ATL-DFW flight. The one that ended up leaving at 1:30AM instead (at least I got an upgrade.) I finally made it back to my parents' house in Plano at 3:15AM CST. And I had to leave at 4:45AM. And I hadn't packed my big bags. Fun time. I've slept a total of 2 hours since Sunday. On a plane. My brain is fried. Whine, whine, whine.

If I don't pass out as we taxi out, something is seriously wrong. Of course, I stuck myself in an exit row, so I can't go to sleep until I get the nice "SIR, YOU ARE IN AN EMERGENCY EXIT ROW! ARE YOU AWARE OF THE GREAT RESPONSIBILITIES PLACED UPON YOU!?" speech. Argh.

3:20PM CST: ..okay, +1hr DFW-MEM, +2.5hrs MEM-MSP of zzz. Not sure how the last one happened since it was supposed to be a 2 hr flight. We pushed back 10 minutes late, and next thing I know we're arriving at MSP an hour late. Guess I slept through whatever the delay was! I don't feel like I'm dying anymore as badly. Yay.