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Greetings from tentland!

So I'm technically camping out in NYC right now! I'm staying with my friend Steve who lives in Bayside, just on the western tip of Long Island, but still part of NYC. I hadn't gotten a chance to test out my cool tiny tent and sleeping bag (2lbs together), and I've gotten tired of sleeping on the foldout bed for the moment. So I'm out in the backyard in my tent! ...being a geek using wireless and writing a blog entry. Guess I have to balance out my outdoorsiness with my geekiness in some fashion.

Strangely, I haven't used my digital SLR camera (the big one with half a dozen lenses that I annoy all of you that I've met with) once since I got here, since I haven't gone into the city (other than to pass through) or gone outside anywhere cool yet. I'm planning on spending tomorrow or Tuesday wandering around the city remedying that. I'm going to Six Flags on Saturday with Steve and another friend or two, which should be fun since they built that nice new 456' 128mph coaster there. Then on Sunday I'm going hiking/geocaching with my friend Belle and a couple of her friends from Barnard out to the Delaware Water Gap (which I always see signs for but never knew anything about until recently!) From what I've read of it, I should get some very cool shots out there.

So, really nothing exciting for now. I've spent countless hours the past few days while Steve's been at work getting my finances and travel plans in order, and working on my photos. Booking flights to India is a huge pain (especially when the website doesn't think a city exists even though the airline sells tickets there, and the phone person asks me "so why don't you just book it on the web?") Not to mention the other flights I've been booking (with strange, strange routings to get extra mileage.)

This makes me happy, updated as of yesterday:
Current Principal Balance: $0.00
Yes, that means my mortgage is paid off and I no longer own my house! I am technically jobless AND homeless now. :)

So a fun weekend ahead, and then off to Aruba on Wednesday! Yay! And I miss home now, and all of you folks back there.